Anthony Carbone

Anthony Carbone

Many thanks for the amazing experiences I’ve had with Moksha Downtown Yoga! Your studio and the Hot Yoga classes have transformed my life, both physically and spiritually. I travel all over the world and still haven’t found anything remotely close to what the Moksha Yoga classes (Moksha/Flow etc) offered by your amazing team of Yogi’s… More details

Adrien King

Adrien King

I love Moksha because it’s awesome! The teachers, classes, scheduling, facility and staff provide a complete experience that I’m drawn to time and time again. You can feel the positive energy when you walk through the door and when you leave that energy comes with you to carry you through the day or night. My… More details

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Inspired by my daughter who is herself a healthy Yogi, I joined Moksha Yoga 21 months ago.

Yoga practice has shown me the other side of fitness that I was missing, that’s the spiritual and meditative side. Through these challenging flexibility and balancing poses I find myself more secured on my feet. I am stronger with lots more energy and take each healthy day as a blessing. I have truly seen great results.

Having these fantastic and enthusiastic teachers that are friendly and approachable keeps me coming back, so, for that reason I don’t see myself leaving anytime soon.

Thank you Moksha Yoga for providing such a rewarding environment.



Being a small business owner, work is constant. Yoga is my exercise, escape and meditation. Moksha Yoga Downtown has the right combination of people, environment and availability. Teachers at the studio are accessible and open. No matter where you are at your journey, they always pay attention to modifications and alterations. There are 3 studios, which varies from enclosed to having big windows. And they have plenty of classes throughout the day. (Last class is usually 9:30pm) so there is no excuse not to make it to practice. This community of yogi will help you find the path to a better mind, body and soul. I highly recommend visiting Moksha Yoga Downtown.

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MYD is my school, my church and my refuge. There are so many varied classes and so many different and beautiful teachers that after ten years I still find truth, inspiration and new pathways into my body every time I’m here. They constantly organize workshops, retreats, challenges and community events. The more I practice the more powerful I feel in my body, my spirit and my life.

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When I started to take class at Moksha Downtown, I realized I wanted more from yoga than just the physical practice; I wanted to be part of the community that makes the downtown studio feel so special. I signed up to be a trade — to trade my time helping at the studio, in exchange for classes. Through the program, I’ve met wonderful yogis from all different backgrounds. We all seem to have two things in common though: we love yoga, and we’re grateful for the studio. Moksha Downtown’s teachers, owners, staff, and trades have become such an important part of my life, I’m not sure what brings me to the studio more — the people or the yoga.

With love and gratitude — Jacqueline


Chantel Simm

You live with yourself for whatever amount of years you’ve been on this earth and you think you have some idea of who you are. Then you come to this training and it’s like there’s this whole other brand new person that’s been waiting to show itself at the perfect moment.
Peace isn’t easy to find or hold on to. However, once you’ve had a taste of it there’s no going back, you’re on a constant search for how to achieve and maintain it. I found peace in those 30 days and I look forward to spreading that in my community through teaching and the ongoing journey of learning.


Marc-Anthony Del Brocco

Moksha/Modo Yoga’s Teacher Training not only serves as a well-rounded foundation for aspiring yoga instructors, it also provides a safe, yet challenging, environment in which to learn and grow. Participants leave with an immense amount of knowledge to consider and a greater sense of why they have become an instructor.