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Kelly Magill

I am honoured to share yoga with others, both as a teacher and lifelong student.
My yoga classes allow students to practice self-care as I encourage everyone to listen to the inherent wisdom of their bodies. Regardless of the style, I guide practitioners to move safely and with honesty through their unique ranges of motion in each pose. My intention is that you’ll leave your mat feeling lighter, stronger and more at ease.
Friendships are built when we practice together. These relationships strengthen our community both on and off the mat. I am so grateful to witness and experience these healing bonds.
For many years I have been studying and practicing yoga with the Moksha sangha and at Centre of Gravity, where I participate in retreats, teacher intensives and regular meditation and yoga classes.
I have a deep love for Lake Superior and Northern Ontario, and in the near future hope to offer yoga retreats there. Ask me about it!