Julia Ostrowski

Julia began practicing yoga about 10 years ago, after being introduced to it while in high school. Though it wasn’t until she was at University, when she tried hot yoga for the first time at Moksha Yoga Hamilton. She instantly felt drawn to the Moksha sequence, and appreciated how accessible the practice is. What kept Julia coming back is how the practice helps to relieve stress, helps to clear the mind, and fosters self-love and acceptance. Wanting to share the amazing experience of yoga with others, Julia completed her Level 1 Moksha teacher training in 2013, and Moksha Flow training in 2014. The many teachers and learners of yoga, those that continue to shape the culture of yoga, as well as those that are linking yoga with healthy aging inspire her to never stop learning.
Julia encourages her students to continually explore each pose, whether it be from a new perspective, or a familiar one. Through explaining the benefits of poses, and breaking down the anatomy of the body, Julia wants her students leaving class feeling informed, empowered, and refreshed.