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Gregory Saliba

Gregory discovered Moksha early 2004 during massage school. The practice would be an effort to care for their body with the new demands being asked of it and at the same time take a moment away from the rigours of study. Gregory would return to the hot room sporadically until committing to a 30-day challenge in 2009. It was during this month of practicing daily that Gregory found the transformational capacity of the practice. The daily practice was an opportunity to engage with self , in the most  authentic way, and while at first the motivation was about maintaining physical health, Gregory found an invitation to delve much deeper into challenging the myths of unworthiness that had been an obstacle  for many years. Gregory would return to the mat regularly to practice self acceptance.
Finding encouragement from the Bloor West community Gregory decided to take the Moksha Yoga Teacher Training in Winter 2013 in Los Angeles.
What excites Gregory most about teaching is inviting others to be their most authentic self by being completely present to their body.
Beautiful things can happen on the mat when you completely show up exactly as you are. Gregory’s massage practice and yoga practice allow him to engage with the body and it’s
ability to reveal vital information and invite others to greater authenticity.
Gregory is enthusiastic and grateful about being part of the Moksha Downtown Sangha.