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Dorota Buczel

Dorota’s interest in health and movement began at a very early ageShe originally trained in dance and various mind and fitnessdisciplines as well as operated her Wholistic Center for several years but soon discovered that healthy mind was not enough to sustain inner/outer balance. She began to further her studies in Pilates and loved the strength, energy and mobility it gave her. She got certified as a Fitness and Pilates Instructor to share the profound benefits of mindful exercising with her clients challenging them to safely push their physical and mental boundaries, to feel the ultimate strength, freedom and confidence in their bodies. 
Dorota’s extensive, multifaceted knowledge coupled with her patience, passion and dedication makes her a highly sought after instructor. Whether she is teaching a group class or a private, Dorota is known for balancing her butt kicking workouts with focused integration of body/mind/breath awareness, while keeping them fun and diverse on all levels.