Tory Lovekin


Tory is a recovering journalist who many years ago turned to yoga as a refuge from the daily grind. The refuge it provided eventually won out, and in 2010 she decided to leave the media and her career at The Globe and Mail to pursue teacher training. Though she has since taken a full time job as the videographer for SickKids , she is ever grateful for the opportunity to be teaching part time at MYD. Someone who remains deeply grateful for the open arms, safety and peace of the Moksha community, she teaches to remind people to be kind to themselves; to be thankful for their bodies, their minds and their being. As someone well acquainted with our sometimes manic and competitive world, she teaches to remind people that they have enough, are enough and do enough. 

Tory humbly acknowledges the transformative power of yoga, and aims to hold space for her students to recognize this during their practice. Both on and off the mat, yoga gently encourages us to return to our truth. It asks us to listen to our hearts, honor our bodies, and be aware of our community. Yoga empowers us to make choices that reflect our truth, and it honors the effort it takes to effect change both inside and out.