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Bev Walchuk

Bev’s personal yoga practice spans over a decade and a half. Having practiced various styles of yoga, Bev was profoundly moved after doing her very first Moksha Yoga class 12 years ago. Working in Advertising & Design at the time, Bev used her yoga practice to bring a sense of calm into her corporate work life. Then in the summer of 2014 Bev took the Moksha Teacher Training, making her long time dream of becoming a yoga teacher a reality.
As a teacher, Bev is an advocate of the centering effect a yoga practice can have on our daily lives, believing that we can find both peace of mind and a strong mind body connection on our yoga mats. She is passionate about the physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits of yoga. In class, Bev strives to share her love of yoga while supporting each person on their own personal path to find what is most meaningful to them in their practice.