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Aniela Kurylo

I have loved making people smile and anatomy as long as I can remember.  My highschool biology teacher let me co-teach some of his lectures and I always believed I’d end up in the sciences.
Fast forward to my 20’s when I found myself working as a profrssional model, unhappy, unhealthy and struggling to know what I “should do” with my life.  “Feeling lost” I turned to doing more of what I loved.  I began practicing yoga hoping to achieve a hollywood body and as the story goes, I found and fell in love with me.  Beginning to heal I stepped back from the modeling world and started studying yoga, meditation and movement.
I never planned on being a teacher but opportunities kept coming and I loved sharing my light with others. I studied Kundalini yoga with Sat Dharam Kaur and recieved my hatha/vinyasa yoga certification from The Yoga Sanctuary, going on to study restorative, pre/post-natal and yin yoga.
My passion for anatomy, healing injuries and learning lead me to Pilates and in 2013 I recieved my mat certification from Body Harmonics.  I have since taken various continuing education course through them and am currently working towards my reformer certification with Leslie Parker at Mindful Movement Center.
 My classes focus on alignment and mindfulness, are inspired by functional movement, yoga and other modalities I love and respect.  My style is loving and I am known to tell a bad joke or bust out a dorky dance move or two to remind you that although you should be present, working hard and focused, that nothing should ever be taken too seriously and above else life and our time is to be enjoyed.
I am honored to work with beginners, advanced athletes, lovers of movement, those on a healing journey or those just looking for a good burn.  Teaching, learning and connecting with my students is my passion.  When they say that if you do what you love you will never work a day in your life, I can attest to its truth.
I am a deeply compassionate and intuitive teacher and with my knowledge of anatomy and various trainings I will challenge and push you, teach and inspire you and if nothing more leave you with a smile.