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Angela Dietrich

An avid runner, Angela began to deepen her relationship with yoga following an injury.
Rather than simply putting the focus on physical rehab to get her feet back on the pavement, she discovered that it was more grounding to put her feet on the mat.

Her recovery became less about rehab, or overall fitness for that matter, and more about personal growth.

Walking into a hot room for the first time can be daunting and impersonal. Angela understands how intimidating starting out can be. It wasn’t until she discovered Moksha, specifically, that Angela found the sense of community that truly resonated with her. Moksha woke her up, made her more self-aware and even helped her manage her personal battle with anxiety.

In turn, Angela wants to create a safe environment for others to explore, heal and grow as well. She learns a lot from teaching and finds empowerment not simply in her own relationship with yoga, but from watching students develop their own connection to it as well.