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Alwynn Taylor

Alwynn Jessica Taylor is a Mat Pilates Instructor, trained and educated at the internationally recognized Body Harmonics Studio in Toronto. As many of her clients can attest, Alwynn possesses a love of movement that she incorporates into her classes – a passion she developed at an early age through extensive studies in the performing arts and over a decade of studying ballet, tap, jazz and modern dance. Building on this love, Alwynn has embraced the practice of Pilates for the intrinsic mind-body connection that it offers, demonstrated in the graceful nature and challenging exercises that the classical Pilates repertoire is based upon. Whether it’s in a large, group class setting, a corporate environment or a private session, Alwynn’s style of teaching is focused, patient and intuitive. 
Alwynn’s knowledge of and commitment to holistic wellness stems from a background in teaching professional tennis, national and internationally for over ten years, as well as teaching spinning and fusion based Pilates classes. Her personal philosophy is to consistently challenge oneself in unique ways that go beyond the physical, culminating in a mind-body synergy that builds strength and overall wellness.  Meditative elements are incorporated into all of Alwynn’s sessions for those who desire a deeper connection with the mind-body.