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Harvest of Self

Sunday November 2nd 2-4pm
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   $40 for MYD Teachers & Trades

yoga asana/pranayama + acupuncture + craniosacral treament + guided meditation

As the seasons change through autumn, we draw on the elemental forces and focus on aligning through our center. We receive the harvest-- we draw in, nourish ourselves, and build the reserves that will take us through the winter months. Using yogic postures designed to access core strength and establish alignment + an acupuncture treatment that focuses on the Central Vessel, Governing Vessel, and Spleen meridians, this workshop will leave you feeling energized, balanced, and more aligned with your own power. Relax into a guided meditation and enjoy the benefits of craniosacral therapy as you connect with your energetic core. 

The Spleen represents the energy of the Earth and is a Yin organ. A balanced meridian supports digestive power, and allows us to retain the nutrients and energy from the foods we eat. When Spleen is balanced, we can approach the world with openness, acceptance, and equanimity. We are emotionally nourished and are less affected by worry, stress, and self-doubt.

The CV/GV channels hold the body's main flow of Yin and Yang. They are polar opposites, yet complement each other perfectly and help organize the flow of energy through all of the other meridians of the body.

Crystal Bowls

On the last Thursday of every month (unless otherwise specified)  we have Darren Austin Hall play for our 8pm Music class (Moksha Flow). Darren and his crystal bowls aid in creating a safe space for self reflection, emotional release and growth. 


Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls have unique healing qualities, and have been hailed as power objects throughout the world, said to emit energy via vibrations. All levels are encouraged to participate in this fun and powerful experience. 

Upcoming dates:
October 16th 8pm
November 13th 8pm


Acupuncture and Deep Relaxation with Dr. Allison Creech

With Dr. Allison Creech---- Rest, relax, and chill out with acupuncture. Naturopathic Doctor Allison Creech will provide a treatment designed to promote balance and reduce stress while you listen to a guided meditation and experience a deep savasana.

Wear comfortable clothes, and bring your yoga mat.  You may also want to bring towel or blanket for extra comfort.

DATES: Oct 26, Nov 30

$25 (20% off for members)


Detox & Rejuvenate

Sunday November 16th 2-4pm
$30 - 20% off for members, teachers & trades

Combining pranayama, kundalini kriya and yin to energize and detox the liver, colon and stomach. Just like our muscles get tight and sticky, so too do our internal organs. We will move our way through a set of dynamic movements to stimulate and massage to get stagnant energy flowing and toxins released. Together we'll explore the power of breath as guide and the power of positive affirmation in the mind to carry us through longer holds. We'll use chants to help keep the mind present in a different way. Come with an open mind and a sense of humour. Best to have a relatively empty stomach and we'll indulge in detoxifying treats post-workshop! A great workshop for anyone who needs to hit the reset button and a beautiful compliment to any 30 day Moksha challenge. 

Yoga & Surf New Year's Retreat

New Years Yoga Surf Retreat in the Osa Peninsula!!
December 28th – January 4th, 2014/15
With Jackie and Brendan

Off the grid in the OSA peninsula. Surrounded by breathtaking views, enjoy the quiet as you explore your yoga practice in the Costa Rican jungle. Choose between solar powered rooms with hot showers and and rustic cabins lit by candlelight to enjoy the full experience of being one with nature. Leave your computer at home, turn off your phone and enjoy this jungle setting as you dive into yoga & meditation, enjoy clean healthy food, and learn how to surf! World renouned surfing, sup tours, jungle hikes, spa treatments are all at your door step at this incredible Eco friendly retreat centre. Take some time to reflect and reboot as you let go of 2014 and prepare for 2015!