studio events and workshops

Taste of Tantra

Sunday March 8th 3-5pm


This class will begin with a brief discussion on Tantra followed by dynamic breathing, kundalini inspired asana, and partner practice geared to stimulate your creative energy and build a deeper personal connection with yourself. Don't be shy give it a try!

Come solo or bring a friend

Krista and Julia are both Moksha Yoga Instructors with a passion for playfulness and creativity. Julia’s work as an energy practitioner coupled with Krista’s strong Kundalini experience make this special class a safe space to tap into your creative energy source

Yin and Tonic

February 15th 4-6pm

Relax and indulge in a really good way with two blissful hours of your favourite relaxing yin yoga poses, featuring soothing hands-on adjustments and the gentle guidance of Andrea Palichuk, tension-releasing massage by Erin Hobson, and mood-setting live music by Nick Ferrio and David J. Bird. Andrea lives and teaches yoga in Peterborough, Ontario. Her goal is to create a safe, judgement-free zone where people can explore themselves and take what they need from their yoga practice. She has personally experienced the benefit of yoga as a tool for addressing old injuries and dysfunctional patterns of compensation in the body, but also as a way to nourish the mind and spirit. Her classes reflect this: she encourages students to move in ways that honour their range of mobility, improving stability and function, while surrendering to the experience, focusing on mindful awareness of breath and relaxation.

Acupuncture and Deep Relaxation with Dr. Allison Creech

With Dr. Allison Creech---- Rest, relax, and chill out with acupuncture. Naturopathic Doctor Allison Creech will provide a treatment designed to promote balance and reduce stress while you listen to a guided meditation and experience a deep savasana.

Wear comfortable clothes, and bring your yoga mat.  You may also want to bring towel or blanket for extra comfort.

DATES: Feb 22

$25 (20% off for members)


Crystal Bowls

On the last Thursday of every month (unless otherwise specified)  we have Darren Austin Hall play for our 8pm Music class (Moksha Flow). Darren and his crystal bowls aid in creating a safe space for self reflection, emotional release and growth. 


Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls have unique healing qualities, and have been hailed as power objects throughout the world, said to emit energy via vibrations. All levels are encouraged to participate in this fun and powerful experience. 

Upcoming dates:
March 26th 8pm