class types

Moksha yoga is a dynamic system of postures and breathing exercises specifically designed to be practiced in the heat. Moksha classes are intended to open, strengthen and detoxify the entire body. The traditional 40 posture series is done in a 90 minute class, though there are 60 & 75 minute condensed versions. Suitable for all levels.


In this class the Moksha sequence is linked together with vinyasa flows. Emphasis will be on the synergy between breath and movement to help you deepen your practice. This class is always moving, and is set at a quicker pace than a Moksha class.  It is great for upper body strengthening and improving cardiovascular health. All levels welcome, though beginners are encouraged to feel comfortable with the standard Moksha series first.

The regular Moksha series acts as a frame for the class, and more advanced postures and sequences give the class a challenging and dynamic flavour. Each Level 2 instructor adds their own flare, thus no two Level 2 classes will be the same. Expect longer holds, more meditation, increased breath work, advanced concepts and a longer final Savasana (expect at least 10 minutes).  Prepare to get sweaty and have some fun! (Some yoga and meditation experience recommended to get the most out of this class, beginners are encouraged to feel comfortable with a standard Moksha practice first.)

The standard Moksha sequence guided with little or no verbal instruction.  A beautiful way to deepen your practice and truly connect with your breath!  Recommended for students who feel comfortable with the Moksha series.

Karma is the regular Moksha yoga series which students may only attend by donation (suggested donation of  $8.00 - all proceeds go to charity) this class is suitable for students of all levels.

Yin is both a gentle and challenging yoga practice.  Poses are held for 3-5 minutes, stretching deep muscle tissue and fascia. All poses are seated or reclined. The slower nature of this practice is often described as a "moving meditation".  A great compliment to your regular practice. Suitable for all levels. 

Yang /Yin- This class will incorporate an invigorating Moksha Flow practice for the first half, to be followed by the restorative, relaxing and lengthening elements of Yin yoga.  Yin yoga is a system of yoga designed to literally open the body, peeling away layers of tension, stress and injury that reside within. A gentle approach is used to stretch the body, using longer holds to get beyond the muscle tissue into the connective tissue, the fascia of the body. It is a great compliment to your regular practice.

This Moksha inspired class allows you to flow constantly with breath, connect postures with movement and challenge your entire body. Students new to Yoga are encouraged to try at least 10 classes before trying Vinyasa Flow.

A slow, deep  class where you can relax and recharge.   Yin yoga with a focus on poses that are supported and restorative allowing us let go of long-held tensions that manifest both physically and mentally.  Like traditional yin, poses are held for long periods but rather than stressing and stretching the connective tissue props are used so the body is able to relax fully and be at ease. 

A kriya is an internal action performed with awareness whereas karma is an outward action producing an effect. We undergo the practice of kriya yoga to develop our awareness on five main levels: the physical (asana), the vital (pranayama), the mental (mantra), the intellectual (meditation), and finally the spiritual (bhakti or devotional). When we are established in this awareness, we have the conscious ability to guide our karma and its residual effects.
The practice of kriya yoga develops self-knowledge, of knowing the truth of our being. The first objective of Kriya Hatha Yoga is deep physical and mental relaxation. Asana deals directly with the material part of the physical totality. The body can become purified of many disorders and irregularities by asana. The variety of asana grants flexibility and a sense of lightness and buoyancy in the body, so that gravity has less an effect on it. This class focuses on awakening the energy centers or chakras using muscular locks known as bandahs and gestures known as mudras along the spine in order to stimulate the uncurling of kundalini, our potential power and consciousness. This practice of purification is to bring about greater health and peace of mind, body, and spirit. Om Kriya Babaji Nama Aum

Using a floor mat and small props, this class focuses on basic Pilates principles: core strength, increased flexibility, breath control and correct alignment to improve posture. Every class is different to insure that the body is challenged in new ways, but simple choreography and clear instruction makes this class accessible to both beginners that haven’t exercised in years or people who exercise regularly.